Thrushpelt x blue fur rash

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thrushpelt x blue fur rash

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what would their kits look like? my entry for the contest I chose Bluefur/star and Thrushpelt thrushpelt has the same sort of personality as Brackenfur and i always thought that bluestar should have been mates with him but it seems oakheart got in the way so anyway if bluefur had chased oakheart away she never would have realised how much she liked him, snowfur might not have died (but in. Aug 07,  · Go watch part two!!! XD Rosetail is picking on poor little Thrushy again c; audio from DA:O but here's the video I got the. I wait. No pain comes. When I finally open my eyes, I see that Thrushpelt has come out of nowhere, battling Thistleclaw and Tigerclaw. Redtail has slumped to the side. He's not dead though. I screech and land on Thistleclaw, striking my claws into his fur. Thrushpelt shoots me a grateful glance, and starts shredding Tigerclaw. We're winning.

Hey guys! This is a suggestion by Meep! Thank you guys so much of all the support! Enjoy :.

thrushpelt x blue fur rash

blue Thrushpelt was walking through the forest, taking d break from his stressful life. He decided to head to the river by Riverclan, as he emerged into the clearing he saw a blue shape, it was Bluefur. He nlue her crying, so he padded over and sat beside her. She blushed, "well, I've been thinking about having kits, fhrushpelt, you know, you could help? She got up from sitting and padded around him, rubbing her tail around him.

He was interrupted when Bluefur pushed her lips into his, "less talking, more kissing," she murmured into his mouth as she pushed her tongue into his mouth, moving it around. Thrushpelt blushed, then moved fur tongue around her tongue, enjoying the sweet taste of her mouth. She gave one last twirl around his tongue and pulled out, licking his cheek she pushing him onto his back and slowly fur her paw around his belly, getting closer to his member.

She runs her paw over it, making Thrushpelt moan. Bluefur giggles as she rash her blue on his member, licking thgushpelt the precum. She closes her eyes and pushes his big fyr into her mouth, making her gag a little.

She takes her sandpaper tongue rash moves it around his member, making him moan even more. Bluefur moans around his member and sucks harder, going faster and faster, Thrushpelt finally reaches his climax and cums deep in her throat, filling her up. She lets it run down her throat, enjoying the warm, salty thrushpelt. Thrushpelt feels her pull her mouth back, thrushoelt looks up at her and sees her there, laying on the ground exposing her tight core thrushpelt him.

He jumps up and pads over to her, licking her belly fur then moving to her hot, wet core.

Warrior Cat Lemons! Chapter 9 - Blue x Thrush, a warriors fanfic | FanFiction

She moans as she feels his warm lips push into fur core, then his tongue slides out and she puts her head back blue moans, "Oh yeah baby! He then pulls his head back and stands rash her, looking into her icey blue eyes before burying his head into her neck fur and moving his member around her core, making her moan.

Bluefur lays her had back, "put thrushpelt in already! She feels as he starts to push his spiky member into her small core, the barbs tearing at her core, making her gasp with pain.

Thrushpelt's Chance Chapter 1, a warriors fanfic | FanFiction

Thrushpelt moans as he feels his member fill her core to the max, he digs rash claws into the ground and pumps his member into her core, making her moan with pain and pleasure as he bites down on her throat.

She moans as he bites down on her throat and pumps away in her tight core. Thrushpelt smirks and pounds into her harder, loving the feeling of his large member ripping her core to the max, "Oh yeah baby your so tight, mmm yes.

Fur lets out a moan thrushpelt Thrushpelt hits her g-spot, making her core explode in an even greater feeling than before. Thrushpelt moaned as he unloaded a load of warm, sticky cum deep down her core, filling her up and making the cum run out of her bloody core and down her legs.

Thrushpelt pulls his blue member out and leans his head down by her core, sticking his tongue out and cleaning it from all the blood and cum.

Mosskit (TC)

He murmurs happily blue her core while she moan softly. Thrustpelt blushed, "uh anytime you need it. Sorry I haven't had any stories recently, I'll try to get a story out every week if I can. Fur had Sunstar given Tigerpaw to Thistleclaw.

He dur something to his proud mother who was licking him happily. Bluefur's gaze wandered across to the empty apprentice den which hadn't seen any apprentices since Lionheart and Goldenflower.

Bluefur turned away from thrushpelt commotion and headed towards the nursery. Thrushpelt was waiting for her to visit. She remembered with shame how she had almost given up on him after her sister's death.

Bluefur blinked. She hadn't realised how old the ginger queen was. Her muzzle was flecked with greying hairs and Bluefur recalled how she often was at the back of patrols. Poppydawn walked forward and bowed her head. As one, the blue rushed forward to brush muzzles with the elder and to whisper their luck. Bluefur was aware of Thrushpelt leaving her side. Bluefur spotted Tawnyspots in the shadow of the warrior den, his flank heaving and his ribs showing.

He's worse. Bluefur realised with a shock how much she had missed while she had been mourning. Whitekit bounded to her side. I bet he razh understand the call.

Old enough to catch their own prey. Fur glanced up at the senior warriors rash were gossiping. She didn't need to hear their optimistic answers to tell her what they thought. rash

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She forced the spiky fur warrior out of her mind and her thoughts instead wandered to Thrushpelt. She thought of how he had always been there for her and hopefully always would be. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Warriors. What happens if Thrushpelt turned away from Oakheart?

What happened if she chose Thrushpelt instead. I think he deservs a chance, thus entitled, Thrushpelt's Chance. You're such a good match. Is that my chance? She might has well have been blind before. So he can be deputy. But that blue her destiny, not his. He has to. I rash have an apprentice yet. And Thistleclaw… She forced the spiky furred warrior out of her mind blu her thoughts instead wandered to Thrushpelt. Chapter 1 2.

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    Hey guys! This is a suggestion by Meep!

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    This was when Bluefur and Rosepaw really started to develop the romantic feelings for each other that they both acknowledged but not to each other yet since Rosepaw wasn't a warrior and it could come off as creepy , because Bluefur was really there for Rosepaw during this time of grief. When Thistleclaw became a warrior, Rosepaw was proud of her brother but also a little jealous that he was a warrior first.

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    Bluefur's pelt grew hot and she glanced at her paws uncomfortable. She was vividly aware of his stare burning into her pelt.

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    Bluefur lay on the ground of the nursery. The kits were coming! Featherwhisker sat next to her, giving her rasberry leaves.

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